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Cristiana Macedo, Portugal

"What follow us lifelong leaves a mark on the way we live. So that way can generate in others a desire to live more fully and strinking, I create to inspire better lives!"

Claudia_Harry Washington.tif

Claudia & Harry Washintgon, El Salvador

"For us, our ability to create comes from the acknowledgment of those instants in life that bring us all together, since we all recognize them as rewarding."


Silvia Señal, Spain

"Design is the way to create feelings and

emotions through an object."


Marco Serraca, Italy

“To me design is not only a simple job, but it is a great passion, in which I always try to find the right balance between function and form.” 


Edeestudio , Spain

For us, Design is the creative process which integrates the physical qualities of a product with aesthetic considerations...with an intention, aim, hope and desire.

Evgeny Kondratev.tif

Evgeny Kondratev, Russia

“Design for me is an idea which makes our lives better. And I want to make our lives

better using my ideas”


Laxmi Nazabal & Lucas Abajo, Spain

Kosmos Project, Polonia


“For us, design is the creation of a parallel reality, of a scenery which makes everyday life all the more

intriguing.” Ewa Bochen - Kosmos Project


“It’s more than colors and bold forms, the pure design is functional and fits the needs”

Ana Fonseca, Portugal

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