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Mandarine, armchair

Mandarine armchair marries retro style with modern accents. Contrasting beautifully with te solids walnut wood frame, the shell is fully upholstered with seams creating a squared pattern. The sleek, thin padding remains comfortable due to the quilted panels that also help give the Mandarine a distinct look. The piping detail helps define the lines of the chair, and it can be used also to accentuate them with bold contrast. 



El Salvador



Made in



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"For us, our ability to create comes from the acknowledgment of those instants in life that bring us all together, since we all recognize them as rewarding."

Claudia & Harry Washington, El Salvador

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Prepare yourself to fall in love!

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Materials - Finishes 

Fabric by


Oak or Walnut with Natura finish and fabric. 

The piping on Mandarine armchair can be in the same color or in a contrasting color, it depends on the version chosen. Customization: 

You can customize you Mandarine using different color combinations. There are 60 colors available. 

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