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Two.Six produces timeless pieces that assume, however, a leading character, functional and of high quality. Two.Six design studio favors simple lines, hot colors, and clever details. Think touchable stripes of lacquer and quirky fabric accents, combined with handsome natural wood, of course. Aesthetically rich, challenging for its color and creativity, Two.Six collections are made of versatile objects that naturally coexist in eclectic environments.
We have collaborations with new talented designers from around the world. Each designer comes with a point of view, a background and a story. In common is the passion for design,color and detail

Two.Six develops a permanent research for new materials and textures. We select noble materials and new materials in line with the strictest criteria of quality, endurance and sustainability.

Wood: We work with extremely rich, noble woods. To increase their natural beauty we use NATURA finish. A natural opaque oil with a soft touch.

Fabrics: We only use high-quality and certified furniture upholstery fabrics. Technologically superior and built to last, they are made with the best materials and are produced by the finest suppliers.

Cork: Cork has unique properties: it is light, waterproof, resistant to abrasion and temperature, hypoallergenic and comfortable

Take a peek behind the scenes at the Two.Six workshop in Portugal. This is where we work hard to exceed your expectations and to create products you will want to hold on to for a very long time.

Quality and Environment

Since the drawing to materials selection, from production to distribution, all details are planned supervised and controlled.

Two.Six guarantees a unique and numbered design object, thought to live and take a new life to the place where it inhabits.
The building process of Two.Six furniture shows the brand identity. Our team is committed to create high quality furniture with perfect finishes, in a constant search for match and meet the expectations of brand best partner: the customer.
For us at Two.Six, environmental concerns are a duty and a criterion for materials and techniques selection. Our finishes are made of natural oils and natural waxes. These finishes are natural, environmentally friendly and harmless to health. Made from purified and renewable raw materials, with linseed oil, carnauba wax, wax Campion, sunflower oil, soy oil and thistle oil.
We want that in the future the place we inhabit might be even more healthy and balanced.

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