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Claudia & Harry Washintgon, designer

El Salvador

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Claudia & Harry Washington is a furniture and space design studio founded by Salvadoran couple Claudia Vasquez Washington and Harry Washington. Claudia and Harry met in 2001 while earning their degree in interior architecture at Dr. Jose Matías Delgado University in El Salvador. In 2004, they expanded their studies in furniture design at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan. Their creative process is grounded in their own philosophy that design is meant to connect people to their own human nature and to the essence that makes them authentically happy. Their creativity, flexibility and resourcefulness define them, as they are capable of providing effective solutions to great challenges in restrained conditions.  


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Claudia & Harry designed Mandarine armchair for Two.Six. Mandarine shows their creative flair and deep consideration for comfort and functional use. The result is an understated yet eye-catching chair.  

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